Hello ASLC Community! Details on the New Registration System


With the launch of our new membership and registration system this past month, we know there are lots of questions. Below we’ve tried to provide some clear directions for you. Need help navigating? We’ll be at Juniper each morning this week, or available via e-mail at programs@aslcmembers.ca.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the AGM, members BBQ and inaugural Sustainable Cottaging Day! Juniper was jumping with energy on Saturday as the season kicked off with sunshine and the sounds of friends connecting after a long winter. Summer really is here.

Details on the New Registration System

On our website is a handy info sheet about getting started with your ASLC MINDBODY account. It doesn’t cover everything, so we’ve added a few additional notes below that we hope you find helpful.

Registering someone other than yourself?
If you are registering your child for a program, during the registration process you’ll have an opportunity to Add New Client. If you select this option, you’ll then be able to select which child to assign the registration to. This assumes you have already added your kids in to your profile.

Still haven’t purchased a membership?
Our programs are for members-only. If you have not purchased a membership for yourself or your family, please do so prior to classes starting. If you’re wondering which membership if right for you, take a look at our membership policy.

To purchase a membership, create your profile in the ASLC MINDBODY site, then navigate to the Online Store, select Services,choose Membership in the drop-down menu, and then choose the correct Membership for your situation.

As folks get settled into the system, we will be placing restrictions on registrations based on membership. This means if you haven’t purchased a membership, you may lose access to programs.

Guests and Guest Memberships
The only programs a guest can attend are Yoga and Fitness classes using a daily pass option. As the sponsoring member, you will need to be attending class with your guest. Please note a change in our process: the guest will need to have a profile created in our registration system. The guest or the sponsoring member can pay for the class. Please arrive to class with enough time to sign-in. Members can sponsor the same guest up to 5 times a season.

If you have friends or family up for a week or two who would like to access programs and services on Juniper, then a guest membership may be the right option. To sponsor a guest membership, e-mail Hilary at membership@aslcmembers.ca so we can set up their account.

Yoga and Fitness Passes
There are several great options for those who attend our EXPANDED Yoga and Fitness classes. The unlimited passes allow for access to Fitness Swim in addition to classes in the Pavilion! You can purchase your pass online, and then check in at class to have your pass verified before hitting the mat.

To purchase a pass: navigate to the ASLC MINDBODY site, select Online Store > services > Yoga and Fitness passes.