Week 3 is here - read on for all of the great things happening on the lake!


Week Two on the lake was another wonderful week of activities and events. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Woods Island for the Ladies Luncheon. A very successful event and we have no shortage of thanks for Gayle Simpson and Kate Lang for being such gracious hosts.

We also want to congratulate all the runners and walkers from Saturday’s Stoney Lake Sprint! Thank you to all the volunteers who work year-round to make that event as special as it is.

Special Events

2020/2021 Juniper Island Store Operators Info Session
Wednesday July 17, 4:30pm Juniper Island Pavilion

Ever thought you might want to be a Juniper Island Store Operator? Do you have ideas on how you would like to see the Juniper Island Store run? Then be sure to join us to discuss the role for the summers of 2020 & 2021. The session will provide an overview of what is involved with store operations, how the application process will work and what deliverables will be required. We are looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback. Please rsvp to Leah Walton (waltonleah@hotmail.com).

*Parent(s) of prospective candidates should plan to attend.

Daily Activities

Swim and Paddle
All swim and paddling classes are on this week.

The Juniper Island Canoe Club will be running the annual free Race Clinic next week on the evening of Monday, July 22nd. If you have a paddler who is looking forward to regatta season (KP’s regatta is July 27th), then attending the Race Clinic may be high on their to-do list. No preregistration required; however free online registration is available.

Art Class
This popular class is on Tuesday on Thursday at 9:15am. Curious what your artist will be creating this week? Check out our blog post for all of the details.

Correction Notice: Art class is weekly Tuesday/Thursday, there is no Friday art class on August 2nd as noted on the calendar.

Environment Camp
There’s another full week of Junior Enviro Camp this week from 1pm-4pm. Reminder to campers to wait outside the Pavilion until the counsellors are ready to get camp started at 1pm.

Yoga and Fitness
Daily passes can be purchased in person at the door when you come for class. Members can purchase other passes online prior to class start. There is no online registration or reserving of a class space. Simply drop-in to the Pavilion.

Daily pass rate for 60-minute classes: $25
Daily pass rate for 90-minute classes: $35
5 class pass for 60-minute classes: $80
5 class pass for 90 or 60 minute classes: $110
1 week unlimited: $60
4 weeks unlimited: $225
8 weeks unlimited: $400

Monday/Wednesday - Pilates 9:15am
Monday – Silver (Gentle) Yoga 10:30am
Tuesday/Thursday - Stretch Yoga 9:30am
Tuesday/Thursday – HIT + Power Yoga 11:00am *90-minute class
Friday - Yan Ying Yoga 11:00am *90-minute class

Thanks to Kierstin from Peterorough Yoga and Wellness for teaching last Friday’s Yan Ying Yoga class. Stay tuned on our social media to see who this week’s Guest Instructor will be.

Fitness Swim
Drop-in or buy a n or buy a 5 visit pass online. If you have one of our unlimited passes, fitness swim in included.

Evening Activities
Our evening activities are long standing Juniper Island traditions. To keep them going requires on-going attendance and donations at the door to cover the costs of these events. If you haven’t attended a dance or movie night yet this summer, give it a try!

Square Dance with the family from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday, July 17th.

Movie Night is 7pm on Friday, July 19th . Check the poster at the store to see what’s playing this week.

Partner Events and Activities
Kenya Meets Stony
For those who attended that Ladies Luncheon, you heard from Janet Wells about the Kenya Lacrosse U19 Women’s Team that will be coming to lake next week (July 22), despite significant challenges. Janet is working hard to support these young women who are still in need of funds and other support in order to participate at the World Championships at Trent University in early August. To learn more, or contribute, visit https://www.gofundme.com/manage/kenya-meets-canada or contact Janet directly at janet@quarryislandfilms.com.

KLT on Stony
Kawartha Land Trust has events happening on the lake this summer including two coming up in the next month.

Ancient Forest Exploration
When: Friday, July 26th & Sunday, August 11th @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Where: Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve, 81 Fire Route 10, North Kawartha Township
(portion of the Stony Lake Trails)

Here and there are pockets of old-growth forest that were missed by the cross-cut saws and axes of local lumbermen. Join KLT & Ancient Forest Exploration & Research to learn what makes an old-growth forest unique and how you can collect data on old-growth trees and forests in your own backyard.

Visit http://kawarthalandtrust.org/ for more information.

Keep in Touch
Stay up to date by following us on social media or visiting our website, www.aslcmembers.ca.