Membership Categories

With the exception of Single and Guest memberships, membership categories include the member and his or her immediate family only (spouse plus children under 25). Upon reaching age 25, children must register independently under a Single or a new Family membership, as is appropriate.

Age for membership purposes is determined as of January 1st of the current year.

Family Annual dues of $150.

A Family membership entitles two adults (age 25 and over) to vote at the ASLC Annual General Meeting.

Single: Annual dues of $80.

A Single membership entitles one adult (age 25 or older) to vote at the ASLC Annual General Meeting.

Life: Certain members have been grandfathered under the "Life membership" category, which was made available for a limited time, several years ago. No annual dues are payable, though annual registration is required to ensure our contact information is current. A Life membership entitles two adults (age 18 or older) to vote at the ASLC Annual General Meeting. If you are unsure as to whether you are a Life Member please contact the membership director.

Guest: $30 for a two-week period.

Guest members must be sponsored, and registered, by a current ASLC member, and their membership must be approved by the ASLC Membership Director. The Guest program is intended as a convenience to members who may be hosting friends at the lake and would like them to have access to ASLC programs; it is not intended as a means to circumvent the general membership policies described above. Guest members may register for ASLC Programs no more than one week before the start of the summer lessons schedule to as to allow registration priority for Family and Life members. They are not otherwise entitled to any of the benefits accruing to ASLC members.

* New for 2019*  — First Time Limited Membership: $50 

Available only to brand new members. Limited in that registration for any instructor led programming is not permitted.  Can be upgraded to a Family or Single membership at any point in the first year.