We all love Juniper Island, whether it’s our first time standing on the dock or if it’s memories of family and friends — Juniper is a magical place that many of us call our second home.

As part of the Association, we wanted to share a few of the things that we work on year-round to ensure Juniper preserves its heritage and that we’re constantly innovating as a community.

Did you know for example, the Association is responsible for the following:

  • keeping Juniper Island Store up and running by selecting and mentoring its operators.

  • managing capital improvements to ensure that the Store is compliant with the health and safety regulations.

  • organizing and paying for (with support from the SLYC) garbage collection and recycling.

  • innovating to monitor and respond to our environment footprint — did you notice the great water bottle refill station installed in 2018?

  • maintaining and monitoring the island’s washrooms.

  • running events that are enjoyed by our community — square dances, movies, masquerade, Wing Night… and more.

  • hiring, scheduling and managing programs like swimming, canoeing, yoga and environment camps.

  • running the historic Regatta and Mile Swim.

  • maintaining the library and museum.

And perhaps most importantly, the Association acts as an environment steward for cottagers — protecting wetlands and monitoring development on the lake.

If you’re not a member, please join now, membership and cottager’s participation in the Association is critical to the survival of community that has been built on the lake. PLUS - when you join, you’ll receive your copy of the amazing ISLANDER and the membership directory.