2019 Board Members

Peter watson: President

John matthews: Treasurer

sandra harris: secretary

mike cork: property

hilary zimmermann: membership

kelly wells: programs

john huycke: ENVIRONMENT

brett somerville: Social

liz eustace: communications

shannon thibodeau: communications

david hahn: slyc liaison




rick brooks-hill: store liaison **

leah walton: store liaison **

**Non-voting Board Members

Board of Director Roles:

A duly elected member of the board:

  • Attends and participates in the majority of 6 board meetings per year (two in person in the summer and four by conference call);

  • Serves a term of a minimum of three years (two years for the President) to a maximum of six years at any one time. Can serve again after a two year break.

  • Attends the AGM;

  • Participates in the governance and decision-making process of the board;

  • Participates in committees and special projects as needed;

  • Contributes to the overall vision and work of the association;

  • Approves the annual budget;

  • Is a member of the association having paid a membership fee annually;

  • Attends ASLC events;

  • Promotes the association throughout the year to potential new members through sharing of the benefits of membership;

  • Aids in board recruitment.